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More often then not when I quote a customer for a family portrait shoot I either don’t hear back from them or they flat out tell me that they can’t afford it. I realize family portraits are a luxury and not a necessity. As a professional photographer who has been in the business for 11 years and who has an education in photography, my prices are set at a competitive rate with other professionals in the area. As a smart business woman I know I can’t perform my services and lower my prices for a formal portrait session. I have student loan debt piling up from getting my photography education, I have equipment that needs to be replaced, I have a subscription to adobe I pay monthly so I can edit. Not to mention two little girls to care for. BUT are those good enough reasons why people who don’t have the extra cash or just flat out can’t afford to have photos taken don’t have photos of their kids? I’m not talking iPhone photos. I’m talking about print worthy beautiful photos of your babies/family right now as they are, taken by a trained professional. I have recently entered a series called “An Hour of Your Time” in a contest to win $20,000 so I can provide that kind of shoot to people who don’t have the means to pay for a professional photo shoot. Who knows if I’ll win but I’m the process of researching government grants to support this new business venture. Until I can get funding I am going to offer these hour long candid shoots for $100 and every time I get a paid shoot I will donate a shoot to either someone of your choice or I will get a recommendation for someone in the community who may need my services. 


Please share this and spread the word! EVERYONE deserves to have memories to look back on.

An Hour of Your Time 

Please click on the link below 

series 1

series 2

series 3

series 4

  Series 5

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